The following schedule of services is based on an annual cycle of major Eastern Orthodox feast days as well as other feasts celebrated within our parish. Schedule changes may occur for a variety of reasons. Services may also be added that do not appear below. Please contact the parish office before planning to attend a particular service.


1-Jan Circumcision/St Basil
5-Jan Eve of Epiphany
6-Jan Epiphany
18-Jan Sts Athanasios and Cyril
30-Jan Three Hierarchs
2-Feb Presentation of the Lord
6-Feb St Photios (at Metropolis)
10-Feb St Haralambos
25-Mar Annunciation
23-Apr St George (or Bright Monday)
8-May St John the Evangelist and Theologian
21-May Sts Constantine and Helen
29-Jun Sts Peter and Paul
22-Jul St Markella (Chios Society)
6-Aug Transfiguration
15-Aug Dormition
27-Aug St Phanourios
29-Aug Beheading of John the Baptist
4-Sep St Hermione, daughter of St Phillip
8-Sep Nativity of the Theotokos
14-Sep Elevation of the Holy Cross
18-Oct St Luke
26-Oct St Demetrios
1-Nov Sts Cosmas and Damian
8-Nov Taxiarhia – Archangels Mic & Gab
13-Nov St John Chrysostom
21-Nov Entrance of the Theotokos
30-Nov St Andrew the first-called
4-Dec St Barbara
6-Dec St Nicholas
12-Dec St Spyridon
24-Dec Eve of the Nativity
25-Dec Nativity