Adult Catechism takes place in a number of ways at All Saints Church. The primary teaching environment is also our primary worship environment…

  • The Divine Liturgy in which we encounter Christ personally, experience the canonical and ecclesiastical history of the One, Holy, Catholic (whole, universal, complete), and Apostolic Church, hear the Word of God through the Epistle and Gospel readings, and learn from the sermon given by the priest.
  • The Orthodox Study Forum The Orthodox Study Forum meets weekly in the fall on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. Why the name? Simply put, studying the Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith is more than a Bible Study; it is more than a study of liturgical services; it is more than a study of Iconography. It is a study of Holy Tradition…
    • Past studies have included:
      • A study of the personalities in the prayers of the Orthodox Wedding Service
      • Roots and History of Orthodox Christian Worship
      • Men and Women of the Bible
      • Exploring the Feasts of the Church
      • Basic Orthodox Catechism – a Refresher Course

Join us in the fall for an opportunity to learn more about Orthodox Christianity..

The Vineyard This monthly publication from our parish office contains news and notes of interest for the All Saints community and mailing list. Two particular areas that often contain spiritual or educational information are From the Desk of… and Ask the Priest.

  • From the Desk of… contains information relevant to the month or season. Sometimes it is humorous, sometimes it is serious, sometimes it is practical.
  • Ask the Priest contains answers to questions submitted by members of the parish and other sources. These may cover subjects as diverse as, “Why do some people touch the robes of the priest at the Great Entrance?,” and, “Am I allowed to cense the house after sunset?”, to “Why can’t other Christians share our sacraments?”

Orthodoxy 101 is a new series of articles for Ongoing Adult Christian Education to help “ strengthen the religious and moral life of our parishioners…”

Catechism for Converts consists of a series of 11 predominently weekly sessions covering topics including: Scripture and Tradition, History and Organization, Trinity – Creed and Doctrine, Sacraments, The Divine Liturgy, and many more. In addition to the catechism sessions with the priest, catecumens have readings to complete in various text books, the Holy Bible, and on-line references.

See below for these and other spiritual and procedural links of interest.