How We Got Our Name

When the time came to choose a name for the Greek Orthodox Church of Weirton, nearly everyone had a suggestion – a favorite Saint from their homeland or island in whose honor the Church should be named. The Greek community of Weirton included people from Palea Fokea, Smyrna, Asia Minor; Rhodes; Crete; Chios; Kardamila; Cyprus; and other Mediterranean areas around Greece. No one would give up their choice, a typical reaction of the proud and independent Greeks.

Finally, in desperation, a compromise was reached and a decision made. No one Saint would be honored above any other, rather, all would be equally revered by the people of Weirton. Hence, the name “All Saints” was happily agreed upon by all. Because the Church has received the blessings of every Saint in Heaven by virtue of its name, it has flourished and grown.