Festival Preparations Daily List of Work Duties

We need volunteers everyday at 8:30 am for festival preparation. We have kitchen duties, inside church hall and outside church parking lot and booths to set up and we need many volunteers. Here’s a short list of work that needs done. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!


  • Saturday July 6– Baking Easter Bread (150 loaves) – 8:30 AM start- Dough will be ready for rolling.
  • Sunday July 7– (After church) Cubing, cleaning and marinating 50 Legs of Lamb for stew and marinating 40 whole legs for roasting, begin to cut vegetables for stew and plaki sauce.
  • Monday July 8– Cutting vegetables for stews, sauces- (about 600 lbs of veggies), making red sauce for plaki and green beans, cooking 1st batch of lamb stew
  • Tuesday July 9- Cooking 6000 grape leaves, roasting 40 legs of lamb, making chicken stock, souzoukaki sauce, plaki sauce and cleaning 1200 lbs chicken
  • Wednesday July 10-Cooking 2nd batch of lamb stew, slicing leg of lamb, making chicken stock, lamb stock, pilafi stock, sautéing red peppers and onions for loukanico sausage. Cutting veggies for Gyro’s, packing Tzaziki sauce etc. Pre-cook 10 Gyro cones. Set up bakery. Bake 15 trays baklava, take frozen goods out of freezer
  • Thursday July 11-13 Festival begins– Kitchen crew reports 6:30 AM for 10:45 am opening- Food Warmers and food line must be stocked and ready for all entrees and ala carte items. Big lunch crowd opening day expected.

Inside Hall Prep

  • Week of July 1-2-3, 5– Set up tables, chairs, bakery, food line, cash registers, credit card machines, hang signs, set up prep room, etc. Set up food line. Gather tools and paper goods for outside booths. Test credit card machines and cash registers.
  • Make Baklava and Loukoumada Syrup– (Alex Melonas and Rick Smith

Outside Prep

  • July 1-3-Powerwash outside booths, sanitize and set up booth counters
  • July 9– Tents arrive, Coke Coolers arrive, begin to hang lights outside and set up booths
  • July 11– Set up tables and chairs under tent, hang outside electrical lights on tents, set up outside booths with equipment- Test all circuits. Hang Signs. Stock all coolers. Haul out warmers and gyro machines. Security arrives at 11:00 PM


This is our 32nd year but we are older and need “younger legs” to help with the work. There is enough work for all ages.

Thanks to you- here’s to another very successful festival! OPA! KALI OREXI!